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The Control System of Dry Powder Briquette Machine

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Dry Powder Briquette Machine

The practical application of dry powder briquette machine is very extensive, which can produce a variety of materials, such as building blocks, lime powder, cryolite, aluminum oxide, chemical fertilizer, metal magnesium, bauxite, aluminum ash as well as other powder materials of non-ferrous metal industry, refractory industry and high added value materials. Fote dry powder briquette machine has following three aspects requirements for the control system:

1. The hydraulic control system: the hydraulic system is one of the main components of briquetting machine, its role is to ensure the forming pressure and overload protection. The hydraulic system is made up of the basic circuit, which mainly includes electromagnetic valve, hydraulic cylinder, pipeline, valve, cylinder, etc. Pressure fluid control the electromagnetic valve actuator fault and reversing. The hydraulic cylinder is the basic element of the implementing agencies, which carries the load, output force and torque. Control valve is used to adjust the hydraulic cylinder speed, so as to meet the different requirements of speed load.

2. The computer control system: the computer control system of the dry powder briquette machine adopts PLC as the core, which is related to the software supporting applications to achieve the remote control of mechanical apparatus and hydraulic system. The process of PLC is cyclic scanning, which stores in the PLC memory by the programmer or computer input program. When PLC runs, the CPU will scan in order according to the regulations of monitoring program. And complete the input state acquisition or input data acquisition, the user program execution, status updates of each output point, programmer response and the self checking function. The PLC logic control is the main control logic of action and work processes of the production equipment according to the requirements of each hydraulic cylinder action.

3. The detection system: the detection devices of dry powder briquette machine and strong briquette machine are mainly composed of displacement speed sensor, photoelectric sensor, pressure sensor and so on. They conduct main real-time detection of each processes and feedback to the main control device.

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