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How to Deal with the Low Temperature of Sand Dryer?

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Sand Dryer

As is known to all, the sand drying machine is the most commonly used drying equipment. During the production process of sand dryer, customers will encounter a variety of situations, for example, the low temperature conditions of sand dryer. Then Fote Machinery will give a brief explain of this condition and the solutions:

Both ends of the cylinder should be put into the feeding device with a flexible seal attaching tightly on the barrel. The feeding box is provided with a feeder, whose bottom sealing plate is equipped with a waist shaped hole which is used for feeding and discharging. In order to avoid dumping which is caused by extrusion and plug. The driving device consists of a motor, reducer, coupling, gear assembly and other parts.

Before the ignition, the sand of the new furnace must be dried and screened. When the sand is entering into the furnace, the air blower should be pre opened, at the same time, observe the air flow and the boiling conditions. Then carefully observe the surface of the blower and check whether the boiling is uniform or if there is any blocking phenomenon. If the boiling effect adverse, it means that the mud is blocking the air outlet holes during the process of installation. It must be carefully removed, and then conduct the operation. In case of low temperature coking, you must smash even cast the 'flame' or 'fire' with iron rake immediately, if there is a large 'coke' it must quickly be grilled out. The coke was easier to handle, as long as the timely treatment, which will not affect the production.

Fote Machinery is professional in R & D of drying equipment, and there are sand dryer, manure dryer, drum dryer, sawdust drying machines and other equipment. During the design and manufacturing of sand dryer, Fote Machinery is cautious in purchasing the components of the dryer to ensure its duration and reduce costs for customers.

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