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How to Set the Rotating Speed of Rotary Drum Dryer?

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Rotary Drum Dryer

Different materials have different characteristics in the rotating cylinder of rotary drum dryer, so their corresponding equipment is also different. Fote Machinery has developed different types of dryers with different design concepts according to different materials. Then, how to set the rotating speed of rotary drum dryer? Fote Machinery will explain the method for you:

Firstly, we should install lifting plates of different structures and sizes on the cylinder of the dryer, which is the main factor to control the rotating speed of the dryer. During the production process, the speed is always fixed. Wind tunnel 1 and 2 inside the dryer cylinder are affected by the speed of rotary drying machine. If the speed is too fast or too slow, the subtended angle of wind tunnel will be deviated, which leads to a decrease in the cross-sectional area of the cylinder. Then we have to find the appropriate location of the materials to create the largest cross sectional area and the best heat exchange of the cylinder, which is the distribution of materials in the middle section of the cylinder body. So it is clear to see that lifting plates have different speeds, which can achieve the best drying effects for different materials.

At present, the fixed speeds of dryer cylinder are generally used in China, which does not take different lifters into account when setting the cylinder speed. However, the materials cannot be dried in the best working conditions. Therefore, during the drying process of materials, we should appropriately improve the speed of rotary drum dryer when the lifting plate is empty, which can increase the contact and heat of materials, so as to improve the thermal efficiency. In the actual production process, we use the lifting plates of 90 degrees structure angle, and then find the appropriate speed to improve the dispersion and drying rate of materials.

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