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Some Common Problems in the Sand Dryer Production Process

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Sand Dryer

The sand dryer is one of the most widely used drying machines today, and it is a common scene to encounter problems in the production process. Fote Machinery summarizes seven common problems and their solutions for you.

1. The cylinder cannot conduct the reciprocating motion: Materials cannot make reciprocating motion in the sand dryer cylinder, so the sand in the cylinder will be wound away and the materials storage reduced, making the area of dynamic and static contact between the materials and hot air become smaller.

2. The steam cannot be discharged in time: only by downstream drying, plus that the saturated steam cannot flow out in time, the steam stays for too long time in the cylinder and will be absorbed again by the materials.

3. Inappropriate installment angle: the main engine of sand dryer is installed with high near-fire end while low far-fire end, which is an error. This kind of installment only can speed up the materials movement to the far-fire end and accordingly the material storage reduces again. For example, if you see from the observation hole of a 20m-length sand dryer the fire is obvious, which means that there is too little materials in the cylinder and the dryer efficiency is very low.

4. Low utilization of the hot air: in order to limit the movement speed of the materials to the exit direction, the revolving speed of the cylinder slows down, thus the raising times of the materials in the dryer decreases. So the dynamic contact between the materials and hot wind reduces.

5. Unscientific temperature regulation: the too high temperature of the feeding and discharging area causes the energy waste. The quality of the final products declines, which is shown in the darkened color and burned materials.

6. Low air speed: the low air speed in the sand dryer reduces the strength of static contact between the materials and the hot air, which makes the low efficiency of the drying machine.

7. Unsuitable equipment to the practical: make the sand dryer with a too long length and too big diameter, in order to improve the efficiency. On the contrary, the unsuitable equipment wastes energy and landing area.

The all things above are the common problems occurring in the practical. May it help you if malfunctions happen.

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