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The Application and Operation of Chicken Manure Dryer

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Chicken manure dryer is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly machine professional used to produce organic fertilizer. With the development of social economy, food is required to be more and more green, which brings great challenge to agriculture. As is known to all that 85% of agricultural and sideline products contain more or less chemical materials. Only green fertilizer can produce green food, but the current organic fertilizer is not enough for the domestic needs. Chicken manure dryer helps a lot in this aspect.

Apart from agriculture, breeding and planting industry are also developing quickly. Fote Machinery, as a professional chicken manure dryer manufacturer, has provided customers with many qualified dryers at a reasonable price. With the rapid development of breeding, the livestock is becoming more and more. The manure after drying can be used as the best organic fertilizer. But if the manure is not dried fully, it will bring great pollution to the environment. Fote chicken manure dryer has features like large handling capacity and low drying cost. Thus it could solve two problems at the same time: the insufficient organic fertilizer in agriculture and the pollution brought by manure of livestock, making a great contribution in green and pollution-free food supply.

The drying effect will be influenced if the temperature cannot reach the required degree during working. So operator should pay attention to the temperature of its outer cylinder. Here we introduce some methods to reserve heat:

The Right Sequence to Start Chicken Manure Dryer:

First start engine and then start belt conveyor, forming a continuous working circle. Fire the fuel one hour before starting the machine to guarantee enough heat during working. Although the combustion furnace is made up of fire resistant brick, it is unnecessary to make the temperature too high and waste energy. Then clean yesterday's coal slag before putting new fuel. Put a little fuel to light it on. Then put more p when fire is stable and improve the temperature to the required degree. Then we can start the machine. During functioning, we should observe the temperature closely and make sure its fluctuating within 5 degree. That needs the operator to add coal more often and add less one time to stabilize its temperature and save energy.

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