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What Factors Influence the Performance of Coal Slime Dryer?

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The most important issues for the users are the coal slime dryer production capacity and the moisture content of the product, which are also the important indexes to assess the drying effect of the dryer. Here we discuss five factors which influence the drying effect of the coal slime dryer.

1. The feeding strength and moisture content of the material

The gasification of water in the drying process occurs on the surface of the particles. Granular materials are easy to scatter and easy to dry. Powder material is easy to form a ball when the material has high moisture content, making the particles covered in the ball with remaining water inside. So the coal slim drying is more difficult than the fine coal drying. In order to speed up the coal slim drying, you could mix the flotation coal concentrate and the fine coal concentrate, or install a special shoveling plate and chain in the cylinder of the coal slim dryer, to break up the coal slim ball.

2. The shoveling plate structure of the dryer

The coal slim dryer can be equipped with all kinds of shoveling plate, which is used to mix, break, lift and scatter the material after drying, providing more convenience for the contact of wet coal slim and hot air and speeding up the drying.

3. The cylinder angle of the dryer

The angle of dryer cylinder influences the handling capacity and determines the nature, granularity and density of the materials. The appropriate angle lies between 4。-5。.

4. The revolution of the dryer drum

Revolution affects the coal slime dryer cylinder processing capacity and the water gasification efficiency. The increasing of the revolution brings the increase of the handling capacity and drying density of the dryer. The common revolution of the dryer is 6-8 rounds per minute.

5. The temperature of the hot smoke or air

The higher the temperature of the hot air is, the quicker the material will be dried. While too high temperature will in turn influence the quality of the coal. The average temperature of the mixing chamber is 700-800。C, and the common temperature for the discharging production is 60-80。C.

There are mainly 5 factors influencing the coal slim dryer, among which the shoveling plate and angle belongs to the interior factor which are already decided at the beginning. While the moisture and granularity of the material, revolution and temperature of the hot air belong to the outside factor, and need to be regulated according to the specific needs of customer.

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