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Requirement for Safe Operation of Belt Conveyor

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To ensure safe operation of belt conveyor and completely eradicate the accidents, correct operation and maintenance is the key. The maintenance men and drivers of conveyor belt are the core people of spot safe operation of the conveyor belt system, so that these personnel are required to have high responsibility and professional technology level and do a good job in routine maintenance and check of the convery belt to maintain good condition of the machine. For this reason, the maintenance men and drives of belt conveyor should focus on doing the following work.

1. The maintainers should get familiar with the structure, performance, working principle of the belt conveyor and be able to timely eliminate the common failures, and gain qualification certificate before operating the machine.

2. The maintainers should carry out careful and comprehensive examination to the belt, including the safety facilities, protective device, signal system, anti-explosion performance lubrication system and belt splice, and if there is anything abnormal, timely deal with it or report it; learn the running condition of the conveyor belt and report to the relevant department and propose disposal method the problems and hidden dangers that cannot be dealt with.

3. The maintainers should get familiar with the operation specifications of their job and the relevant rules and regulations which must be strictly carried out.

4. The drivers must be trained and get qualification certificate before operating the machine, and learn the structure, performance and working principle of the belt conveyor. They should be able to eliminate common failures and get familiar with the operation specifications and the needed check parts.

5. The belt drivers must grasp the running condition of the machine. In its running period, regularly check whether the spare parts and safety protection devices are valid, delicate and reliable.

6. The maintainers and drivers must shift duty on spot and the first shift must explain clearly the running condition and matters needing attention to the next shift and the handovers should never muddle through their work. The succession personnel must test and check the signal and safety protection device.

7. When starting the convery belt, the drivers must contact all the transshipment points, and start the machine after receiving the correct signal and all personnel get away from the running part. Under normal circumstances, a conveyor belt must be start with empty load and avoid frequent start. When stopping it, all the materials on the belt should be transported. After being stopped, clean all the spare parts, and after leaving the post, the drivers must cut off the power and lock it.

8. If anything abnormal happens, the drivers must stop machine to deal with it before re-start it.

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