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The Current Maintenance of Metal Crusher

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Metal crusher is a processing machine widely used in waste metal recycling industry. In the using process, some customers do not operate the machine strictly according to the instruction and neglect the regular maintenance, which not only causes failure of the scrap metal crusher, but greatly reducing the crushing and processing efficiency. For this reason, when using scrap metal crusher machine, customers cannot be too careful about the current maintenance of metal crusher.

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1. After starting the machine, it is not allowable to dismantle or check any spare part inside the machine, and various tools are forbidden to be put on the machine. When there is abnormal noise, immediately stop the machine and repair it after it comes to a complete stop.

2. Carefully clean the raw materials to be crushed and metal spare parts mixed with copper, iron and lead and large stone materials are forbidden to go into the crushing chamber.

3. Do not randomly improve the running speed of metal crusher. Generally speaking, the running speed can have an 8%-10% difference with the rated speed. When metal breaker works with high power, pay attention to control material flow and make the flow even.

4. Timely check and clean foreign matters. After a day of work, timely clean the metal crusher machine, check whether the bolts in all parts are loose and check the abrasion condition of the quick-wear parts including hock and screen.

5. Add lubricating grease. The commonly used method is to add a flip-type oil cup on the bearing. Generally speaking, rotate 1/4 circle of the oil cup cap every two hours to press the lubricating oil inside the cup into the bearing. After long time of using, if the lubricating grease goes bad, clean the bearing and change new lubricating grease.

6. When the machine is working, the temperature rise of the bearing should not exceed 40℃.

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