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The Production Principle of Sludge Dryer

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The improvement of urbanization also brings some inevitable problems, among which the disposal of urban sludge and urban sewage. With the enhancement of economic strength and the growth of environmental awareness of people, the urban sewage disposal industry is also developing rapidly. The output of urban sludge is increasing day by day, so that the disposal and development of sludge is more and more concerned by people. Dry processing of sludge makes such processing method as agricultural utilization, using as fuel and incineration and reduces landfill possible. The new type of sludge dryer researched and manufactured by Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is able to make all these come true. Fote sludge dryer is widely used for drying active sludge, sewage sludge, petrifaction sludge, paper mill sludge, dyeing sludge, tanning sludge, electroplating sludge, municipal sludge as well as biological fermentation sludge.

Fote sludge dryer can dry materials with water content of 90% to final products in only one time. Regarding the feature of easy caking of sludge drying process, Fote Machinery changes the structural type of lifting board of common single channel dryer machine and adopts compound type self-cleaning device, thus greatly expanding the application range of single channel drying machine, so that it is not only able to dry sludge, but materials with high stickiness.

The production process and principle of sludge dryer: Sludge goes to the stock guide inside the dryer through the chute. With the rotation of the cylinder, sludge will be guided to the slant lifting board and then lifted to the center part of the cylinder, and then sludge will be gradually scattered and become material curtain, and during this time, high-temperature airflow will go through it to preheat the sludge and evaporate the water. When sludge scatters and moves to the movable grate bar type flange, materials will be mixed with preheated grate bar flange and have convection and contact heat exchange with hot air. At the same time, the cleaning device buried in materials will glide along the side circular arc lifting board to clean the materials sticking onto the internal wall of the lifting board. After the cleaning device moves across the vertical line with rotation of the cylinder, it will drag on the back of the circular arc lifting board to clean the materials sticking onto the external wall of the lifting board. With the constant rotation of the cylinder, the water will be constantly evaporated and the sludge will be further dried. In the meantime, the cleaning device also has the function of scattering the sludge and improving the drying speed. In the end, the sludge will become loose materials with low water content and be discharged from the discharging mouth, thus completing the drying process.

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