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Mobile Crushing Station for Environmental Protection

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With the development of economic and urbanization, the total amount of existing building demolition and project construction increases continually . In the past, the amount of construction waste was relatively few, and the balance between production and consumption could be basically achieved through backfilling, deployment, and other methods. However, with the transformation of the old city and the construction of a new city all over the world, the traditional treatment cannot keep up with the speed of the generation of construction waste . How to use the mobile crushing station to change the situation of the current construction waste siege?

At present, most construction waste has not been effectively used. After the collection, there are three main disposal ways as following:

First, there are no fixed disposal sites, so the waste is dropped disorderly.

Second, relying on the market to adjust spontaneously. Private employees look for wasteland outside the city to deal with waste.

Third, the government implements centralized management to construct disposal sites or treatment facilities. In the long run, these measures are temporary. In order to completely eliminate construction waste, we began to implement the concept of recycling of construction waste. Mobile crushing station plays an important role in the recycling of construction waste.

Construction waste is no longer rubbish, but is an inexhaustible “urban resources” . The recycling of resourses;changes construction waste into useful resources. We can change construction waste of different sizes and different materials into high quality sand aggregate;It not only alleviates the resource waste problem, but also adds green to the building materials market.

Different from the previous mobile equipment, it combines the crushing, screening and transportation of building waste on a movable frame. At the same time, a unique roller screen configuration can automatically screen out the wood, plastic, etc. from the construction waste, which greatly reduces the manpower intensity. Since the advent of the mobile crushing station, it has helped many places to complete the construction of resources. The mobile crushing station interprets the strongest environmental protection with it's strength.

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