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How to Deal with Mining Crusher Stoppage?

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Mining crusher stoppage is one of the common faults in use. It may be attributed to the problems existing in the design, but more to improper use and operation. Here we will give the analysis on the causes and the corresponding solutions.

1. The feeding rate is too fast, so equipment load increases and results in stoppage. During the process of feeding, we should keep an eye on the deflecting angle of the ammeter pointer. If it exceeds the rated current, it indicates that the electric motor is overloaded. And a long period of overloading will burn out the motor.

Mining Crusher

When this case happens, we should turn down or close the charging door immediately or change the feeding method. We can control the feeding rate by adding a feeder device. The feeder device is divided into two kinds: manual and automatic. Because the mining crusher sustains a high rotating speed and a high load, and the load is easy to fluctuate. So the working current of mining crusher is generally controlled at about 85% of the rated current.

2. The discharging pipe is impeded and leads to blockage to the air inlet. Or the improper matching with the conveying device causes the wind in the discharging pipe weakened or zero wind and results in stoppage. Then, we should find out the causes, clear the air inlet, change the unmatched conveying equipment and adjust the feeding rate, so as to make mining crusher running normally.

3. Hammer breakage and aging, sieve hole closed or excessive water content of the material being crushed all can make the crusher blocked. So we should regularly change new hammer, check the sieve and control material moisture content under 14%.

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