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ceramsite production line

Published:11/18/2013 3:36:44 AM    Text Size: 【BIG】 【MEDIUM】 【SMALL】

Ceramsite is a type of granular solid particle made with ceramsite production line by sintering with clay, shale and gangue. Such features as light weight, low water absorption, good anti-seismic property, frost resisting and corrosion resistance make ceramsite and ceramsite sand products widely used in construction and petroleum field.

ceramsite production line

Ceramsite sand production line is a whole set of equipment which is used for producing ceramsite. The production of ceramsite generally includes a series of production flows such as the selection and preparation of raw materials, crushing and screening, preheating and sintering, cooling and packaging. In this process, such equipment will be used as jaw crusher, preheater, dust collector, ceramsite rotary kiln, cooling machine, belt conveyor and other corollary machines.

Clay ceramsite

Clay ceramsite is an artificial particle with ceramsite character. The first choice for the raw material is clay, and after a series of crushing, screening, mixing, granulating, sintering and cooling, clay ceramsite can be made. Clay cerasmsite is economical, practical, energy saving and environmentally friendly, so that it is widely used in architectural structure, heat insulation and landscaping.

building ceramsite

Building ceramsite is generally used for configuring aggregate. As the ceramsite has the honeycomb structure inside, it has such advantages as light weight, high strength and low heat conductivity coefficient. Building ceramsite sand can be used in many construction materials such as thermal insulation, fire protection and refractory.

Clay ceramsite production line and construciton ceramsite production line is the two most widely used production line patters in the production technology of ceramsite sand as well as the most mature ceramsite production process.