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shale ceramsite production machine

Published:11/18/2013 3:32:28 AM    Text Size: 【BIG】 【MEDIUM】 【SMALL】

The production process of the shale ceramsite can be divided into five stages: preparation of raw materials, drying, preheating, calcination and cooling. This paper will introduce some production machines and production process of shale ceramsite and the production process.

shale ceramsite production machine

The Production Process of Shale Ceramsite

The raw shale ceramsite is first crushed by jaw crusher and screened by vibrating screen, and then choose the particles whose grain size is 3mm~5mm as the main raw materials and send them into the electric furnace for preheating. After preheating, immediately send them into the electric furnace at the target temperature for calcinations. After the calcinations, cool them with the indoor temperature, you will get ceramsite.

(1) Preparation of Ceramsite Raw Materials

The production process of ceramsite begins with the processing of raw materials. First collect raw materials, after the procedures of crushing, screening and dozing, mix the raw materials to the water-containing materials whose chemical component conforms to the requirement. Then after pressing and moulding, press the raw materials to balls with different grain sizes. The main shale ceramsite equipment used in this procedure includes crusher, classification screen, automatic dozing machine and ball press machine.

(2) Preheating of Ceramsite

The preheating of ceramsite can adopt dry technology, which means that after the raw materials are crushed, directly send them to the drying stage without drying. The temperature of the preheating stage should be controlled in the range of 400℃~600℃. In addition, pay attention that the temperature in the preheating process can never change dramatically, otherwise, it may cause the ceramsite balls to explode which may influence the quality of ceramsite.

(3) Calcination of Shale Ceramsite

The calcinations stage is the crucial part of the whole ceramsite calcinations process as it will influence the performance of the ceramsite products. Improper control of the calcination process will directly influence the strength and water absorption capacity of ceramsite. The main shale ceramsite production machine used in this procedure is ceramsite rotary kiln.

(4) Cooling of Ceramsite

Cooling technology also has a great impact on the quality of ceramsite. The general reasonable ceramsite cooling system is that after the calcied ceramsite goes through the zone of swelling with the highest temperature, it can be quickly cooled to 1000℃~700℃. If the ceramsite needs to be cooled from 700℃ to 400℃, the cooling process should be slow to ensure the quality of ceramsite. The main equipment used in this procedure includes rotary cooler and monocular cooling machine.