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What are the Advantages of Fote Flat Die Pellet Mill?

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The flat die pellet mill is independently designed and developed by Fote Machinery by adopts the advanced straw action roller type flat die compression technique. The action roller type flat die compression technique is the relatively mature technology at present and it is advanced, practical and economical. Compared with foreign and domestic advanced technology, the technical parameters of Fote flat die pellet mill is taking a leading position and has many outstanding advantages compared with the same type of pellet mills manufactured by other companies.

1. Wide adaptability of raw materials

The pressing die hole of the flat die compression molding technology is relatively big, and the adoption of big-diameter compression roller makes it able to crush and press the raw materials with big size and long fiber such as straw, rice hull and bits of wood. For this reason, it has not high requirement for the raw materials. In addition, when pressing fiber materials with this technology, the raw materials with the water content of 15%-25% can also be pressed without drying.

2. High output

On the condition that the molding density and the power are the same, the processing output using this technology is 20%-35% higher than that of using other types of pressing and molding technologies.

3. Low power consumption for per ton of materials

On one hand, the pressing space of the flat die pressing equipment is big and the diameter of the pressing roller is also big, when pressing the raw materials with big granularity, it can overcome the limits of ring die pressing technology and spiral pressing technology and reduce the power consumption of the materials in the crushing stage. On the other hand, compared with ring die pressing technology, the area ratio of the flat die hole is higher and the material holes are more, and the discharging density and size are the same.

4. Long service life of the roller die

Due to the difference in working principle, the linear velocity of the roller of the flat die pressing technology is lower than that of ring die pressing technology, so that the abrasion of the roller die is slower. In addition, if one working side is abraded, it can be reused with the other side, thus improving the service life of the roller die.

5. Adjustable molding density

The working clearance and pressure between the roller and molding die can be adjusted through the flat axle and the wheel carrier gasket, thus independently determining the density of the raw materials to be produced.

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