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A Brief Description of Composing Parts of Briquette Machine

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The main engine of the briquette machine relies on the electromagnetism adjustable-speed motor for power supply, and through the belt wheel and the cylindrical gear reducer, the power is transmitted to the driving shaft through the rod pin coupling. The driving shaft and the driven shaft are ensured to run synchronously through exposed gear. There is hydraulic equipment behind the driven bearing pedestal.

The material feeding part of the briquette machine is to realize quantitative feeding to make sure the materials evenly go into the space between the rollers. The spiral feeder is driven by the electromagnetism adjustable-speed motor, and with the rotation of the belt wheel and the cylindrical gear reducer, the materials to be pressed are forced to the main feeding mouth. Due to the constant torque property of the electromagnetism adjustable-speed motor, when the material pressing amount of the spiral feeder and the needed material amount by the main engine is the same, stable feeding pressure can be ensured to stabilize the quality of the balls. If the material feeding amount is too high, the electricity of the feeding device will overload; if the material feeding amount is too low, the balls cannot be pressed. For this reason, skillful operation is an important condition to ensure the normal work of the ball press machine.

The molding part of the ball pressure machine mainly refers to the main engine part and the core part is roller. If there are too many materials between the two rollers or metal block goes into the space, the hydraulic cylinder piston will be pressed and have overload, and the hydraulic pump will stop working and the energy accumulator will have a bugger action on the pressure changes, the overflow valve will open oil return and the piston rod will shift to increase the gap between the two rollers to let the hard materials go through the rollers, and then the system will be back to normal, thus protecting the rollers from being damaged. This machine can be adjusted the pressure according to the requirement of the ball pressing density, so that the production process is flexible.

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