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Application Analysis of Sand Maker in the Cement Industry

Published:12/12/2016 8:25:19 PM    Text Size: 【BIG】 【MEDIUM】 【SMALL】

With the rapid development of the construction industry and the wide usage of sand-gravel materials, the cement industry develops more and more fleetly. The sand maker plays an important role in the development of cement industry.

Sand Maker

The adjustment of foreign cement industrial structure is insuperable. However, in China, without the conception of the market before, all the industry is controlled by the planned economy. But today Chinese cement industry has formed the pattern that grinding station relies on the market and the production clinker closes to the place of raw materials. In the future, Chinese concrete and cement industry will step on the road of industry structure adjustment.

The sand maker belongs to the high speed running equipment, so we must pay attention to the workers' safety. The repair will be made only when the equipment is closed completely. We need inspect whether it is running smoothly or not every day. Proper adjustment of triangular belt is needed and we must guarantee the uniform length of triangular belt in each group to reduce the abrasion.

New type sand maker uses the developed hydraulic drive cover device, making it more comfortable to change the wearing parts. Its double oil pump lubrication system developed by ourselves can guarantee the good running of the spindle lubrication system. Equipped with the automatic detect instrument, the sand maker of Hongxing machinery can give a warning when the machine has an unfavorable condition and automatic stop. The new type sand maker of Hongxing machinery makes a huge boost to the development of the cement industry.