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Preparation Equipment Needs to Timely Adjust Its Developing Trend

Published:9/1/2016 7:27:23 PM    Text Size: 【BIG】 【MEDIUM】 【SMALL】

China is vast in territory and rich in mineral resources. But according to the incomplete statistics, during the exploitation and utilization of resources, more than 20% are wasted and about 35% are used unreasonably. The real utilization rate is lower than that in any developed countries.

There are two major causes of mineral resources waste. The first is human factor. Some scattered mineral resources with small area are abandoned. The second is attributed to the backward preparation equipment. In the mineral processing operations, the outdated beneficiation equipment leads to a large amount of waste to the raw ores. Therefore, to strengthen the development of mineral processing equipment has always been the goal of beneficiation machinery enterprises.

Preparation Equipment

At present, as mineral resources are explored continuously, the pressure on resources becomes increasingly prominent. There exist a lot of contradictions between the extensive ore dressing process and limited resources. So the market is badly in need of more elaborate mineral processing technologies. Thus the preparation equipment needs to adjust its developing trend timely. It has become the future development emphasis of beneficiation equipment enterprises to improve ores' utilization rate and increase the recovery rate of ore tailings.

Mineral processing technology is developing with preparation equipment and the production technique has a big influence on the quality of the entire mineral processing industry. It is obvious that beneficiation equipment will develop to the direction of large size in the future. The large-size equipment can not only reduce the investment in infrastructure construction, but also reduce the occupied area. It is more conductive to realizing automation.

Only by producing high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly preparation equipment, can we adapt to the current developing trend and win more customers.