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Raymond Mill Wins the Initiative with Excellent Product Quality

Published:8/17/2016 8:21:11 PM    Text Size: 【BIG】 【MEDIUM】 【SMALL】

China's industry has moved into a totally new stage in recent years and has obtained outstanding achievements in the areas of intellectualization, environment protection and energy conservation. As the most well-known powder grinding equipment, Raymond mill is also in constant innovation and advance. Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. breaks the traditional view on superfine powder processing and has never quitted the research and development of new techniques.

Raymond Mill

Since the early 1980 s, that is, from the emergence of ball mill and Raymond mill, our country's powder processing industry had entered the preliminary development phase. But these equipment still exist some disadvantages in mineral processing, including high polution, low screening rate, low productivity and etc. In the 1990 s, Raymond mill techniques and its manufacturing process are improved gradually and the drawback of high noise is eliminated. Raymond mill progresses relatively steadily in the 1990 s. In the 21st century, Raymond mill together with other pulverizing equipment enters in a rapid development period.

The reason why Raymond mill can gain a rapid development and open the market is that it relies on its progressive technical process and good quality. In order to raise its production efficiency, Fote Machinery conducts a succession of upgrades and modifications on Raymond mill in terms of technology.

In the development of modern enterprises, the core competitiveness is the more excellent product quality, so as to possess a long-term and stable competitive advantage and win the initiative in the violent market competition. Moreover, environmental protection, energy consumption reduction, production improvement are also the major factors that an enterprise must take into consideration.