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Sand Dryer

Length: 6-8.5(m)

Production: 20-99(t/h)

Applied material: river sand, quartz sand, sand, sand mining, ore, slag, blast furnace slag, fly ash, cinder.

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Sand Dryer

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Brief Introduction to Sand Dryer

Sand dryer is a kind of drying machine which can handle large amounts of material, and it has some features, such as reliable operation, large operation elasticity, strong adaptation and big capacity. It is also known as silica sand dryer or quartz sand drying machine, river sand dryer and sand rotary dryer.

Sand Dryer

Working Process of Fote Sand Rotary Dryer

1. Feeding material: sand with larger humidity is sent to the hopper by belt conveyor or bucket elevator, and then goes into the feeding end through the charging machine of hopper and the feeding pipe. The angle of the feeding pipe should be greater than the natural inclination of materials so that the material flows into the sand dryer smoothly.


2. Drying: river sand dryer cylinder is a rotation cylinder which is slightly tilted with the horizontal line. Material is fed from the higher end, and heating medium enters from the lower end and forms counter-current contact with material. Heating medium and material can also flow into the cylinder together. With the rotating of cylinder, material runs to the lower end influenced by the action of gravity. In the process of wet material moving forward in the cylinder, it directly or indirectly obtains the heat from the heating medium and dries the wet material.

3. Finished product: at last, the dried sand is sent out by the belt conveyor or screw conveyor at the discharging end.

Technical Parameter

Diameter of outer cylinder(m)
Length of outer cylinder(m)777.07.08
Cylinder volume( m³ )16.6316.6352.67852.67881.38
Rotating speed of cylinder(rpm)4-104-104 -104 -104 -10
Initial moisture of slag(%)10-1210-1210-1210-1210-12
Final moisture of slag(%)11111
Initial moisture of yellow ground(%)8-108-108-108-108-10
Final moisture of yellow ground (%)0.5-10.5-10.5-10.5-10.5-1
Highest intake air temperature(℃)700-750℃700-750℃700-750℃700-750℃700-750℃
Production capacity(T/h)Yellow sand25-30
Yellow sand30-35
Yellow sand35-40
Yellow sand45-50
Yellow sand65-70
Motor typeY2-132m-4EY2-132m-4EY2-160m-4Y2-160m-4Y2-160m-4
Motor power(kw)7.5×211×27.5×47.5×415×4
Reducer typeXWD7-23-11WXWD7-23-11WXWD6-23-7.5KWXWD6-23-7.5KWXWD8-23-15KW
Velocity ratio of reducer2929292929


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