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Dust Collector

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Dust Collector

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Brief Introduction to Dust Collector

A kind of equipment is known collectively as dust collector, and it is mainly used for removing the solid particles in air or other gas. It can be used in the chemical plant, fertilizer factory, mining factory, power plant and other fields, and it can also be used to deal with tail gas, purify the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Principle of Dust Collector

Bag-type dust collector: gas with dust goes into the filter chamber from the bottom, coarser particles directly enter the ash bin and are filtered by the filter bag, and dust glues on the surface of filter bag. After purification, the air goes into the net chamber through the mouth of filter bag and is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan.

Pulse dust collector: gas with dust enters each chamber from the blast pipe of dust collector, and under the action of ash hopper guide device, dust with large particles is separated and directly enter the hopper. Relatively fine dust evenly goes into the central box and adsorbs on the outer surface of filter bag. Clean gas goes into the atmosphere through the filter bag.

The Classification of Dust Collector

In addition to these two commonly used dust collectors introduced in this paper, there are also many other dust collectors, such as cyclone dust collector, static electricity dust collector, filter dust collector cylinder, and the dust collector should be chosen and configured according to the actual situation.

Technical Parameter

Modelfiltering area
fan modelThe fan motorNumber of filter bagModel of matched german millnote
DMC36271620~32404-72-3.6AY100L-2-3kw36  HGM88 HGM95 
DMC48362160~43204-68-4AY112M-2-4kw48  HGM100 
DMC64482880~57604-68-4AY112M-2-4kw64  HGM130 HGM120 
DMC80603600~72004-72-4AY132S1-2-5.5kw 80  
DMC96724320~86404-72-4.5AY132S2-2-7.5kw 96 HGM160 HGM175 
DMC112845040~108004-72-4.5AY132S2-2-7.5kw 112 HGM190 
DMC128965760~115204-72-4.5AY132S2-2-7.5kw 128  按处理风量选型。含尘量
8640~144004-72-5AY160M2-2-15kw 128 
DMC150112.56750~135004-72-5AY160M2-2-15kw 150 
10000~200004-68-6.3CY180M-2-22kw 150 
DMC18013512000~240004-72-8CY200L-2-30kw 180 按多个收尘点且位置现
DMC22016515000~340004-72-8CY200L-2-37kw 220 


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