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Raw Material Mill

Raw Material Mill

Specification: φ1.5×5.7~φ4.6×10.5+3.5m
Processing Ability: 4.5-210t/h
Application Fields: Widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory, glass, ceramic and other production industries.

Raw material mill or raw mill is a crucial machine in the secondary crushing of materials which has experienced primary crushing and burdening. It is widely used to grind all kinds of rocks and other materials in cement, silicate products, new building material, fireproofing material and glass ceramics production industry, etc.

Features of Raw Material Mill:

1. The unique streamlined design reduces ventilation resistance, expands effective volume and improves yield of the mill. The final products are discharged smoothly.
2. Different lining structures in different stages of the mill, which improves the grinding efficiency obviously.
3. Negative working pressure to effectively avoid the powder leakage phenomenon.
4. Heat preserving method, so the material drying degree can reach 6%-8%.
5. The control device reserves a DCS connector to satisfy the collective control of customers.

Raw Material Mill

Raw Material Mill Manufacturer

Fote Machinery is one of the most powerful raw material mill manufacturers in China. Through years of experience in production and sales, we have approved by a lot of customer from home and abroad. Due to the introduction of advanced technology, the production capacity of raw material mill has a fundamental improvement. Our raw material mill price is reasonable, welcome to purchase!

Technical data

Product specification
Milling form Transmission form Gear box Motor power
Production capacity
Total weight
Model Speed reduction ratio
Φ1.5×5.7 Open flow Brim ZD40 3.55 130 4.5-6 25.8
Φ1.83×6.4 Open flow Brim ZD60 4.5 210 7.5-15 43
Φ2.2×6.5 Circle flow Brim ZD70 5 380 14-26 60
Φ2.4×7 Circle flow Brim ZD70 5 475 24-28 81
Φ2.4×10 Circle flow Brim ZD80-4-Ⅱ 6.435 570 32-36 118
Φ2.6×10 Circle flow Brim JDX710 6.3 800 45-50 130
Φ3×9 Open flow Brim JDX800 6.3 1000 55-60 158
Φ3.2×9 Circle flow Brim MBY900 7.1 1250 62-65 195
Φ3.5×10 Open flow Brim JDX900 5.84 1250 70-75 200
Φ3.8×7.5 Circle flow Brim JDX900 5.6 1600 80 233
Φ4.6×10+3.5 Circle flow Central shaft JQS3550 15.1 3550 190 415
Φ4.6×10.5+3.5 Circle flow Central shaft JQS3550 15.1 3550 210 476


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